Operating in the new economy

Keep up to date with our latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) insights

Building long-term partnerships with our clients, enabling organisations to change in challenging times.

Understand how to adapt and adjust business practices in response to the Coronavirus crisis.


Leaping into the ‘new normal’ for FMCG

Understand how consumer behaviours are changing and how we are seeing leading FMCG companies respond.

improving mine plan compliance

Improve mine plan compliance 

Using an activity based planning and execution compliance plan can be the single largest driver of organisational performance. 

responding to sales challenges posed by covid-19

Responding to sales challenges posed by COVID-19

Enable your sales team to develop an improved sales model which can be sustained as we return to the ‘new normal.’

Covid supply chain

Transitioning to remote sourcing

Remote sourcing helps operations to react fast, regaining efficiency.


A technology-enabled future: Mining remotely

By leveraging well-established crisis management skills, most miners have safely adapted their operations to protect the workforce while maintaining business operations.


Implications of COVID-19 for Fly-In-Fly-Out practices

Understand how your business can evolve to accomodate the travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

keep cyber secure

Keep cyber safe

Keep your systems and organisation cyber safe while working from home.

getting productivity from your remote team

Getting productivity from your remote team

How to structure your remote teams to drive results through performance.

reopening post covid

Emerging stronger in a post-COVID-19 world

Carefully consider lessons learnt in the past and convert them into practical and sustained changes in operations to drive future success.

crisis recovery

Moving from crisis management to recovery

Leverage this situation to recover to a much better operational mode.

Covid article 6

How to make remote working work

How to keep your remote teams performing during the Coronavirus crisis.


Diversifying your supply chain

Avoid supply chain disruption from factory and distribution.


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