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Many are still  navigating the medical and macro-economic implications of the Coronavirus rise, as well as concerns regarding the impact on global supply chains and an unprecedented business continuity risk for companies.  In this unknown, ever changing global environment, we offer a summary of recent developments, as well as thought pieces to help you and your teams through this challenging time. 


Operating in the new economy

Understand how to adapt and adjust business practices in response to the Coronavirus crisis.


Addressing key business challenges

Responding to the impact on key business functions and the unprecedented business continuity risk.


Updated 3.00pm UTC, 31/07/2020


Man surprises his neighbours with kitchen pantry and herb garden

"I was making a coffee and I was just staring out the window and I thought, ''I've got a kitchen window that faces the street and a coffee machine", he said. So Rick's street side café was born.


Piano players unite during pandemic for virtual recital

Over 7,000 people from 52 countries took part in the class and nearly 1,000 submitted videos of their performances.


Personal protective suit concept designed for nightlife

Creative consultancy Production Club has unveiled the Micrashell, their concept design for a personal protective suit that would allow the music, live event and nightlife communities to get going again.


Digital skills initiative to help those effected by COVID-19 

Microsoft plans to combine existing and new resources from its LinkedIn and GitHub units, as well as from inside the rest of the company.


Orchestra allows deaf people to ‘hear’ Beethoven through touch

While sitting among the performers of the Danubia Symphony Orchestra, she’s been able to enjoy Beethoven’s famous 5th Symphony in a way quite similar to the very man who composed it.


Un-bee-lievable! Notre Dame's bees kept in rooftop hives survived blaze

As many as 200,000 bees living on Notre Dame's roof survived a blaze that engulfed the heritage landmark, their beekeeper has revealed.


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