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Many are still  navigating the medical and macro-economic implications of the Coronavirus rise, as well as concerns regarding the impact on global supply chains and an unprecedented business continuity risk for companies.  In this unknown, ever changing global environment, we offer a summary of recent developments, as well as thought pieces to help you and your teams through this challenging time. 


Operating in the new economy

Understand how to adapt and adjust business practices in response to the Coronavirus crisis.


Addressing key business challenges

Responding to the impact on key business functions and the unprecedented business continuity risk.


Updated 3.30pm UTC, 20/10/2020


Free classes conducted on the street for disadvantaged students in New Delhi

When India imposed a nationwide lockdown in late March to slow the spread of COVID-19, all schools were shut and had switched to digital learning.  Singer Veena Gupta, has been conducting free lessons on the streets of New Delhi for children.


Customers help wait tables at understaffed restaurant 

After a family emergency left a Thai restaurant in North Island, New Zealand, severely understaffed, customers stepped up and fulfilled the vacant duties. Emily Puhi was dining at the restaurant in Huntly and shared the wonderful story to Facebook.


4-year-old starts making Christmas care packages for children in need after having bad dream

After having a bad dream about kids having no presents to open on Christmas morning, this girl has begun to collect presents for children in need. She is making the presents herself, which include various goodies such as scarves and coloring pencils.


Multifunctional 'box office' helps separate work and home life

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on and working from home remains the norm for many, the “Box Office”, provides a private and secluded space within the home, and thus helping to separate working space from home space.


Study reveals a dog’s heart rate increases when their owner simply says ‘I love you’

When a dog licks your face, jumps into your lap, or barks like a banshee when you come through the front door, it simply means they’re crazy about you. But did you know that your dog’s heartbeat actually soars when you tell them, “I love you?”


Nursing home residents with Dementia enjoy special guest visit

Dementia sufferers at a nursing home who cannot see relatives were “overjoyed” by a morale-boosting visit from a miniature horse. Residents always “benefit greatly” from pet therapy, which allows them to interact with animals.


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