Addressing key business challenges

Keep up to date with our latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) insights

Building long-term partnerships with our clients, enabling organisations to change in challenging times.

Responding to the impact on key business functions and the unprecedented business continuity risk.

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Increasing supply chain resilience

Rethink the supply chains to balance the tension between security of operations versus the cost of materials and services.

capital portfolio optimisation

Optimising your capital portfolio

Realign your capital portfolio to select essential and high-return projects to quickly reduce capital requirements, whilst also increasing capital efficiency

optimising capital spend

Keep Capital projects moving

Continue to run a suitably safe and efficient project even when supply chains (resources, materials and designs) become constrained.

Covid article 3

Crisis Management in the face of COVID-19

Partner Matti Karinen describes his experience in navigating the Ebola and SARS outbreaks.

Capital efficiency

Ensuring sustaining capital efficiency through effective delivery

Focus on planning, risk identification and management to minimise schedule and cost impacts.

long terms governance oversight during pandemic disruption

Long-term governance oversight during pandemic disruption

Plan to respond and manage your organisation for survival and successful regrowth.

Covid supply chain

Supply chain challenges

Respond to supply chain vulnerabilities from Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Minimise disruption from oil price shock

Minimise disruption from oil price shock

Focus on identifying and capturing rapid cost reduction opportunities in five key areas.

capex funnel

Cutting Capex in a crisis

Implement the Capex reduction funnel as a key tool to optimise project cost.


Responding to risks resulting from Coronavirus outbreak

Our experts discuss key risks to your business and pragmatics, flexible response plans to address them.


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