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PiPware Suite

PiPware offers different packages that are tailored to meet different clients’ needs


PiPware products

PiPware1PiPware CI

Embed CI behaviours and drive performance improvement

  • Focus on the precious few priorities that will have the greatest impact on the bottom line
  • Ensure your initiatives become a part of ‘how you do business’



PiPware PMO

Execute major transformation programmes efficiently

  • Focus on value capture, delivery accountability and performance transparency
  • Reduce time and energy required to maintain tracking and management tools
  • Free-up resources to support implementation



PiPware Capital

Build and execute the optimal project portfolio for your company

  • Establish a systematic and transparent process for managing projects from concept through to value
  • Achieve up to 50% less capital spend as you approve the most efficient set of projects that get you to your targets



PiPware Value Hound

Identify value opportunities and under-performance across the entire business

  • Foster clear ownership of metrics and improved understanding of the critical levers for value creation
  • Spend less time investigating issues and more time generating solutions to improve performance issues



PiPware Sourcing

Identify and track delivery of sourcing initiatives

  • Focus and track initiatives that will deliver savings from both procurement condition or usage
  • Make it transparent across business units and the whole organisation