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Creating an effective procurement function

Creating an effective procurement function

In our experience, procurement functions typically face four key challenges:

  • How can more savings be captured?
  • Are the savings captured credible and actually hitting the bottom line?
  • Are internal customers satisfied with procurement’s performance?
  • Is performance sustainable on an ongoing basis?

To address these challenges, we focus on improving procurement’s business processes, systems, accountabilities, execution discipline and mindsets that shape how people behave and how the organisation performs.


  1. Conduct a 1-2 week, focussed diagnostic with your procurement team and their internal counterparts to identify and prioritise improvement opportunities. Agree on a plan to deliver them, and start to build alignment. 
  2. Partner with your procurement team to implement top priority initiatives to drive sustained, improved performance.
  3. We coach and transfer skills to the procurement team to ensure ongoing delivery of improved results long after we are gone.

Value proposition

  • Establish a streamlined, pragmatic and end-user-focussed procurement organisation in 3-4 months
  • Build ownership and alignment with key stakeholders and significantly improve procurement ability to respond to end-user needs
  • Procurement savings locked in, traceable in the P&L and visible to the organisation
  • Position procurement as a thought-leading, enterprise value-focussed department within the organisation, partnering with internal business users to drive improvements and work collaboratively with suppliers to achieve mutual benefits

Steps in process

Real results that last

Delivered $45m annualised procurement savings for an energy provider and improved procurement processes
  • Delivered $45m in procurement savings, with a further $28m identified, in 22 weeks
  • Realigned organisation structure with clearly defined KPIs cascading from upper management to operational roles and contractors
  • Improved procurement processes and company procurement guidelines
  • Greatly improved communication across engineering, procurement and vendors
  • Embedded sustainable results tracking using our purpose-built software (PiPware)
Savings by sourcing category

Savings by sourcing category

Cumulative ideas pipeline

Cumulative ideas pipeline


Don't ask us, ask our clients

Working together with Partners in Performance, we have achieved much faster than expected performance improvement; engaging all levels of the organisation and focussing on putting in place the systems, processes and skills needed to ensure sustainability after they were gone.
Plating and Finishing Manager, Steel industry
Partners in Performance has been able to deliver significant and sustainable savings (above 15%) quickly and efficiently. In addition, our people were coached and quickly improved their skills and experience. My lasting impression has been a focus on the relentless pursuit of improved performance.
Procurement Manager, Steel industry

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