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Proud to be ranked 3rd in the AFR BOSS' Most Innovative Companies 2023

Using innovation to unleash potential in organisations

Innovation is at the core of everything we do, and we are thrilled to be acknowledged among the top three most innovative professional service companies by AFR (Australian Financial Review) BOSS. 

AI technology should not replace people – it should empower people to do more.

Organisations around the world face a serious shortage of skilled labour as operators in key roles retire and take their knowledge with them. This has created a capability gap for many organisations, especially those in heavy industry, who now must do more with less and address decreasing performance without additional resources.

Our Virtual Experts solution can act as an innovative way to help organisations overcome these challenges by empowering operators to unleash their potential, learn new skills and optimise processes quickly without needing additional resources.


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Virtual Experts

Our Virtual Experts use prescriptive analytics for simulations and ‘what-if’ analysis to give prescriptive recommendations in near real-time, advising process settings to operators and supervisors. Unlike ‘black box’ artificial intelligence (AI), they are an explainable AI designed with operators in mind, being browser-based (no-code environment), easy to use and simple to internalise.  

While prior systems focused on advanced process control, Virtual Experts factor profit into the equation and auto-summarise the ‘so what’ into charts. They adapt, learning as processes and operations change so operators can quickly improve productivity as new problems arise to help improve product throughput, quality, reduce costs and minimise emissions.

Virtual Experts have helped clients achieve a sustainable 3-6%-point increase in recovery within months, reducing feed variability by 60-80% and instilling a new way of working across operations that enables process experts to optimise operations on their terms by empowering them with new skills, intellectual stimulation and improved economic outcomes, rather than replacing them. Indicatively, a plant producing $800m per annum of mineral could realise revenue gains of $24-48m.